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Ansible AUTOMYSQLBACKUP ansible-Automysqlbackup

Role description

This role installs and configure Automysqlbackup.


  • mysql-server || mariadb-server



Supported OS

Debian Ubuntu Centos7


Selective execution of tasks.

automysqlbackup Run all tasks of this role ansible-playbook playbooks/automysqlbackup.yml --tags automysqlbackup
automysqlbackup_install Install automysqlbackup ansible-playbook playbooks/automysqlbackup.yml --tags automysqlbackup_install
automysqlbackup_config Configure automysqlbackup ansible-playbook playbooks/automysqlbackup.yml --tags automysqlbackup_config
automysqlbackup_cron Configure cron task ansible-playbook playbooks/automysqlbackup.yml --tags automysqlbackup_cron



Variables Types Default Descriptions
automysqlbackup_mysql_dump_username str 'root' Username to access the MySQL server
automysqlbackup_mysql_dump_password str "`grep password /root/.automysqlbackup.cnf | awk '{print $2}'`" Password to access the MySQL server
Clear text in the conf !
automysqlbackup_mysql_dump_passfile str '/root/automysqlbackup.cnf' To create a more secure file containing the password
Require {{ mysql_user_dump_password }}
mysql_user_backup_password str UNDEFINED MySQL users' password to put in the passfile
Put this one in a vault !
automysqlbackup_mysql_dump_host str 'localhost' Host name (or IP address) of MySQL server
automysqlbackup_mysql_dump_host_friendly str UNDEFINED "Friendly" host name of MySQL server to be used in email log
automysqlbackup_backup_dir str "/var/lib/automysqlbackup" Backup directory location
automysqlbackup_multicore bool UNDEFINED This is practically a moot point, since there is a fallback to the compression functions without multicore support in the case that the multicore versions aren't present in the system
automysqlbackup_multicore_threads int UNDEFINED Number of threads (= occupied cores) you want to use
automysqlbackup_db_names str "()" Databases to backup (empty = all)
automysqlbackup_db_month_names str UNDEFINED List of databases for Monthly Backups
automysqlbackup_db_exclude str "( 'performance_schema' 'accounts' 'information_schema' )" List of DBNAMES to EXCLUDE if DBNAMES is empty
automysqlbackup_table_exclude str UNDEFINED List of tables to exclude, in the form db_name.table_name
automysqlbackup_do_monthly int UNDEFINED Which day do you want monthly backups?
automysqlbackup_do_weekly int UNDEFINED Which day do you want weekly backups? (1 to 7 where 1 is Monday)
automysqlbackup_rotation_daily int UNDEFINED Set rotation of daily backups. VALUE*24hours
automysqlbackup_rotation_weekly int UNDEFINED Set rotation for weekly backups. VALUE*24hours
automysqlbackup_rotation_monthly int UNDEFINED Set rotation for monthly backups. VALUE*24hours
automysqlbackup_mysql_dump_port int UNDEFINED Set the port for the mysql connection
automysqlbackup_mysql_dump_commcomp bool UNDEFINED Compress communications between backup server and MySQL server?
automysqlbackup_mysql_dump_usessl bool UNDEFINED Use ssl encryption with mysqldump?
automysqlbackup_mysql_dump_socket str UNDEFINED For connections to localhost. Sometimes the Unix socket file must be specified
automysqlbackup_mysql_dump_max_allowed_packet str UNDEFINED The maximum size of the buffer for client/server communication. e.g. 16MB (maximum is 1GB)
automysqlbackup_mysql_dump_single_transaction bool UNDEFINED This option sends a START TRANSACTION SQL statement to the server before dumping data
automysqlbackup_mysql_dump_master_data bool UNDEFINED Use this option to dump a master replication server to produce a dump file that can be used to set up another server as a slave of the master
automysqlbackup_mysql_dump_full_schema bool UNDEFINED
automysqlbackup_mysql_dump_dbstatus bool UNDEFINED Backup status of table(s) in textfile
automysqlbackup_mysql_dump_create_database bool UNDEFINED Include CREATE DATABASE in backup?
automysqlbackup_mysql_dump_use_separate_dirs bool UNDEFINED Separate backup directory and file for each DB? (yes or no)
automysqlbackup_mysql_dump_compression str UNDEFINED Choose Compression type. (gzip or bzip2)
automysqlbackup_mysql_dump_latest bool UNDEFINED Store an additional copy of the latest backup to a standard location so it can be downloaded by third party scripts
automysqlbackup_mysql_dump_latest_clean_filenames bool UNDEFINED Remove all date and time information from the filenames in the latest folder
automysqlbackup_mysql_dump_differential bool UNDEFINED Create differential backups
automysqlbackup_mail_mailcontent str UNDEFINED Mail setup: log, files, sdtout or quiet
automysqlbackup_mail_maxattsize int UNDEFINED Set the maximum allowed email size in k
automysqlbackup_mail_splitandtar bool UNDEFINED Allow packing of files with tar and splitting it in pieces of CONFIG_mail_maxattsize.
automysqlbackup_mail_use_uuencoded_attachments bool UNDEFINED Use uuencode instead of mutt. WARNING: Not all email clients work well with uuencoded attachments.
automysqlbackup_mail_address str UNDEFINED Mail address to send a mail to (
automysqlbackup_encrypt bool UNDEFINED Backup encryption using OpenSSL
automysqlbackup_encrypt_password str UNDEFINED Choose a password to encrypt the backups
automysqlbackup_backup_local_files str UNDEFINED Backup local files
automysqlbackup_prebackup str UNDEFINED Command to run before backups
automysqlbackup_postbackup str UNDEFINED Command run after backups
automysqlbackup_umask int UNDEFINED umask


Variables Types Default Descriptions
automysqlbackup_install_url str '{{ automysqlbackup_url_path_version }}' Install link
automysqlbackup_url_path_version str 'AutoMySQLBackup%20VER%203.0' Install links' version
automysqlbackup_version str 'v3.0_rc6' Automysqlbackups' version
automysqlbackup_url str '{{ automysqlbackup_install_url }}/automysqlbackup-{{ automysqlbackup_version }}.tar.gz' Full install URL
automysqlbackup_tar_dest_dir str "/tmp" Where to download automysqlbackup
automysqlbackup_dest_dir str "/opt/automysqlbackup" Where to install automysqlbackup
automysqlbackup_conf_dir str "/etc/automysqlbackup" Where to put automysqlbackups' conf
automysqlbackup_conf_name str "myserver" Name of the conf


Variables Type Default Descriptions
automysqlbackup_cron_minute int 0 cron exec min
automysqlbackup_cron_hour int 1 cron exec hour
automysqlbackup_cron_day int '*' cron exec day
automysqlbackup_cron_month int '*' cron exec month
automysqlbackup_cron_num_day int '*' cron exec num day
automysqlbackup_cron_user str 'root' cron user